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Tour Dates

Here is the latest list of events and shows featuring Banachek:

Details of event venues, times and hosts have been made available where possible. Many of these events will be open to the public however tickets may be required. Please check requirements in advance if you are planning to attend an event.

Event Schedule

Date City Venue Country
Tour: Spain 2014 lecture, show and closeup tour
09/30/14 Banachek in Bilbao OLIVER PRODUCTIONS Spain
Time: 7:30pm. Address: Islas Canarias 65 bajo Bilbao. Venue phone: 600-464-507. Call to verify and find out about any and all info for lecture.
10/02/14 Banachek in Zaragoza Zaragoza Spain
Time: 8:00pm. Address: Sociedad Cultural Amigos del Arte, C/ Cantín y Gamboa 17, Zaragoza Ph.# 976 296 660. Venue phone: 637-062-149. Call find out and verify any and all info on lecture.
10/03/14 Banachek in Madrid Teatro Encantado, Madrid. Spain
Time: 9:00pm. Address: Calle de Pozuelo de Zarzón, 3 28039, Madrid. Venue phone: Woody 617-232-581 or Pepo 607-679-734. This is a parlor/close up show open to all but call and verify any and all info and for ticket prices.
10/04/14 Banachek in Cordoba, Spain Cordoba magic lecture Spain
Time: 11:30am. Address: •Real Circulo de la Amistad C/ Alfonso XIII n. 14, Cordoba 957-479-000. Venue phone: 617-092-323. Call to verify any and all info regarding lecture
10/05/14 Banachek in Elche, Spain Elche Semicirculo Magico Spain
Time: 5:00pm. Address: •Semicírculo Mágico (SEMAC) C/ Monovar 62 C-3 03206 Elche (Alicante). Venue phone: 654-320-758. Call to verify any and all info about lecture
10/06/14 Banachek in Bajo Spain La Varita Mágica (CMV) Valencia Spain
Time: 10:00pm. Address: •La Varita Mágica (CMV) C/San Vicente Martir nº 166 Bajo. Venue phone: 651-984-507. Call to verify any and all information about lectures
10/07/14 Banachek in Gandia, Spain Gandia, Spain Spain
Address: Calle Cervantes 22, Gandia. Venue phone: 606-169-643. Call to find out time and verify and all information for lectures
10/08/14 Banachek in Almussafes Almussafes Lecture Spain
Address: Centro Cultural de Almussafes. Venue phone: 647-451-908. Call to find out and verify any and all info about lecture
10/09/14 Banachek in Mallorca, Spain Mallorca Lecture Spain
Time: 9:30pm. Address: Sa botiga des  buffons, Valldargent 29, Palma de Mallorca. Venue phone: 620-016-126. Call to verify and and all information regarding lectures