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Banachek introduces David Copperfield and questions David Berglas at IMX

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How Did David Copperfield End Up At The IMX Convention?

Banachek, David Copperfield and Richard Kaufman

Magic icon David Copperfield decided to do something very rare recently: attend a magic convention. Although based in Las Vegas, seeing Copperfield roam the halls of a convention is not a common occurrence. Which made it all the more odd when attendees to the IMX convention saw just that.

But how did he get there? We asked IMX organizer Craig Mitchell:

How did David Copperfield’s visit come together?

Copperfield had heard of the tribute that was being planned for Berglas as part of IMX 2011 and having enormous respect for Berglas’ contribution to the art of magic – was wanting to get involved. Berglas had worked extensively with Copperfield in the past with his unique floating table illusion and its clear that these two giants of magic share such a passion for the art.

Did you know how rare of an event DC coming out to a convention was?

We had worked on the details over many months with Copperfield’s production team who were so incredibly supportive of what we were wanting to achieve. David Copperfield has an insanely busy schedule but his level committment to magic is phenomenal.

Magic is all about standing on the shoulders of giants – acknowledging and celebrating those special people who have forever changed the performance landscape. And here we had David Copperfield – one of magic’s most influential performers ever – sitting in awe of David Berglas. These are living legends. Banachek said it best at IMX, “It takes one legend to to introduce another …” and I don’t think we could go any bigger than David Copperfield introducing David Berglas. I think for once someone managed to surprise the International Man of Mystery

What does a visit like that do for the burgeoning reputation of IMX?

IMX is all about promoting and growing the art of magic and the response was overwhelming. To have the support of David Copperfield at an inaugural event was simply phenomenal. To be able to feature a legend such as David Berglas – incredible. Add to that the support from such icons as Criss Angel, Jeff McBride, Banachek and so many others from across the globe means that IMX can only but get bigger, bolder and even more incredible. We have so many exciting things in store for the next IMX – we can’t wait! Stay tuned …

Berglas, Banachek, Copperfield, Richard Kaufman

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