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Hit Mrs

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A book you will not want to miss "A f*king brilliant and riveting look into the journey of deception and how [...]

A really nice podcast interview by D.J. Grothe with Banachek. Not new but worth revisiting.

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Banachek - Mentalism and Skepticism

November 13, 2009

  Banachek is an American mentalist and [...]

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Banachek will be touring in Spain this fall. September through October.

Locations include:

Sept: 13, Lisboa 14, Badajoz 15, SEI Madrid 16, La Varita, Madrid 17, As de Magia, [...]

MAGICjam – The World’s Greatest Magicians at the Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas

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[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="377" caption="Banachek on stage at the Luxor Believe Theater"][...]

Banachek weekly on New Spike TV series

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Banachek can now be seen weekly on Criss Angel's new show BeLIEve on Spike TV


Banachek on Joe Rogan Questions on ScyFy

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Banachek featured on the Joe Rogan show I was featured on can be seen by clicking on: Joe Rogan questions everything or if you want to watch the entire episode watch below, Banachek enters at 23.24 in [...]

Banachek bends items over the TV in South Korea

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[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="453" caption="Click this picture to watch the video"][...]

Alpha Project Show Review

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Published online at : http://bit.ly/LbLDDB

Banachek’s The Alpha Project and the One-Person Theater Show

By Joe Culpepper |

July 4, 2012 Reviewed in this essay: Ba [...]

Banachek predicts Toronto Newspaper Headlines

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Mentalist B <a href=[...]